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Friday, February 09, 2007

lesson of the day:
stay off of glaciers

last night i had a dream* about kbean and her recent proposal.**

kbean and soon-to-be-mr-kbean decided that they need to show me the proposal site complete with the guide they had hired the first time.
they showed me the site and it was gorgeous. as we were leaving the glacier started to crack (due to global warming). the guide told us that we need to slide down the glacier to safety, which we do (it's turning to mush at this point). at some point when we reach the bottom, the glacier run-off has formed a river. last thing i can remember is all of us holding onto the side of the glacier river bank.

so i learned two things...
1. stay off of glaciers
2. don't ever get the nastiness that is a sloe gin fizz

*that's what i get for decided to branch out and try a sloe gin fizz
**set in the french alps...like you do.


  • At February 09, 2007 7:43 PM, Anonymous kbean said…

    Why this is just a dream:
    1) There's no way in hell the Beans could get you that deep into a frozen wasteland.
    2) Bush told us global warming is just a myth perpetrated by the liberal media.
    3) Pierre, the best guide ever, was way too hardcore to slide. He probably would've made us rope together, lash our skis to our backs, and climb back up.

    The sloe gin fizz is a whole other matter! My favorite shitty bar in college was the Oronoca - steak house by day, frat formal hotspot at night. The bartender was in his mid-90s and his shakes would spill half of every drink he poured. Forget about asking for something complicated like a sex on the beach (hey, we were in college). He only would make such prohibition classics as martinis, sidecars, and sloe gin fizzes (for the ladies). As he was preparing each ridiculously strong cocktail, he'd regale any female with viagra jokes, and then direct her over to the straight-out-of-1950 buffet. Good times!

    Sadly, I heard he died a couple of years ago and the restaurant closed. But maybe I'll order a sloe gin fizz tonight and toast to him memory.


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