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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

my building is a magnet for drunk and disorderly people

i spent the early hours on sunday morning (from 4:15 to 6:30 am) listening to a woman come down the stairs, sigh (or scream), start kicking the building's front door, sigh (or cry), and stomp back upstairs.

this continued on a loop for at least two hours.
i prayed that she was really drunk.

by 6:30, she had been kicking the building's front door for a solid 15 minutes. finally the building's tenant association president (who also lives right above the door she had been kicking) came down and asked her what was going on. turns out the drunk girl had lost her keys, couldn't get in touch with any of her friends, and just wanted to go to bed. the president let her stay in her place.

so this isn't the first time that some drunken idiot has disturbed what little sleep i get.

there was the time that my next-apartment neighbor got into it with some other drunk resident.

or the time that i woke up to a zillion girls drunkenly screaming ("singing") the lyrics to a R.E.M. song.

or the time that the cops let in a drunk resident because he was banging on the front door because he lost his keys.

or that time another neighbor brought a friend home and then had an argument outside my door about whether or not he should stay.

i live in paradise.



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