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Sunday, October 28, 2007

being at work on a sunday

so depressing.

of course i didn't start the day off well.

1. my dvd clock jumped back an hour thanks to they daylight savings feature. unfortunately it's a week early. so i woke up confused as to what time it really was.

2. something horrible spilled in my fridge.

3. the heat is definitely not on in my building, but i got to spend most of the morning listening to maintenance try to fix it (apparently the pilot light keeps going out). whatever they were doing was causing my whole apartment to shake. i thought i was home in california during a quake.

4. realized that my new travel bag has too many pockets as it took me 5 minutes to realize just where i had "safely tucked away" my badge.

things i'm doing to improve my day.

1. reviewing amusing text messages.

2. confirming my hair really doesn't have any split ends and it's still totally flat from this morning's styling.

3. subtly rearrange things in gfb's office so she goes crazy trying to find a pen monday morning

4. going home to get back in my pajamas and eat a donut



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