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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

apparently my apartment building is filled with filthy people

so a few of you may remember how a few months back my building received a warning that the trash area was in violation due to solid waste, overflowing trash cans, and other problems. the notice went up one evening and was gone before i left for work the next morning. the only new change i noticed was that they added a piece of wood to the path to help those of us who have to trudged through the mud to get to the trash cans.

fast forward to last weekend.

we received a SECOND notice that we were in violation again of the same problems.
the fee for a second violation within 60 days? $300.

oh, and this time the notice has stayed up for a WHOLE week. it was still there this morning...taped right next to a notice from our property manager about how their office is closed today due to their holiday party.


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