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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Dirrrty List

Here's the List that Kbean & Co. created for my Dirrrty Thirrty.

Special thanks to Kbean, Megtern, Vanalicious, DCSC, and Chanuck for helping me complete a good portion of this list.

1. Do a nip-slip. um, not going to happen.
2. Write your name in lipstick on a boy's stomach. done. thanks Megtern for the scarifical lip gloss!
3. Get a business card from someone with their shoe size.
4. Use the word "poonannylicious" when talking to a guy. done...though Chanuck had no idea what I was trying to say
5. Flirt with the most unfortunate guy at the bar.
6. Do a body shot off a guy. done--twice. thanks Vanalicious for nabbing the guy and sweet talking into letting me do that to him...twice.
7. Talk about your 34 cats and their hilarious hijinks. done and done
8. Let Kbean buy a shot of her choice. done, but I can't remember what it was...
9. Introduce all of your friends to a guy with fake names. done, but it was hard. you try coming up with names for everyone without hesitating.
10. Get a guy to buy you a shot. done. thanks VodkaMan.

11. Demand a screaming orgasm. done while pounding my fists on the table
12. Talk to a boy in pig latin. done, but with difficulty.
13. Dance on an elevated surface. not going to happen...for everyone's safety.
14. Order a Shirley Temple. Then ask to spike it.
15. Follow up: if they have that, ask for milk. Spiked.
16. Introduce yourself as Elle and say you're in law school.
17. Pretend to have something alive (pet?) in your purse.
18. Take a body shot. it's been scratched off, but I don't recall doing one.
19. Convince a boy you're a Scientologist. all I know about Scientology I learned on South Park.
20. Follow up: Ask if wants a free stress test.

21. Ask a boy what his favorite animal is and tell him that you like hippos. done. was this a gw reference? I totally missed that.
22. Convince a boy you have an implant part (calf, bicep, etc.)
23. Approach a guy chanting the Lost numbers. scary that Chanuck and Kbean knew them.
24. Lick someone's navel it's not checked off, but doesn't it count when I did the body shot off the guy and I had to slurp if off his stomach??
25. Procure a guy's underwear.
26. Smack a guy's ass. done and done
27. Do a drink with "bomb" in the name. done. thanks VodkaMan for my very first jaeger bomb!
28. Steal a glass from the bar. um, done.
29. Pretend your performing fellatio on a straw. couldn't do this without laughing.
30. Get your last gratuitous sexual experience of your 20s. um, yeah. didn't happen.


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