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Friday, September 08, 2006

Love my doctor, hate his staff

Due to the overwhelming amount of wax still lodged in my ear (I now have constant ringing in my ears) I have to see a specialist. To do this I need a referral.

After trying to get a referral out of my doctor's staff hands, I truly hope that I never have to get another referral again.

Conversation No. 1
Me: Hi. The doctor told me that I can get a referral from you.
Angry Woman: Why?
Me: Um, it's for my ear.
Angry Woman: What's your insurance?
Me: [name of insurance]
Angry Woman: You need to set up an appointment before I can give you a referral.
Me: Oh?
Angry Woman: ::rattles off number before I can get paper or a cell phone out to input it:: Make an appointment and then call me to get the referral.
Me: Sorry. Can I get the number one more time?
Angry Woman: [number] CALL and make an appointment. THEN call me.

Conversation No. 2
Me: Hi. I made an appointment with Dr. [name] and I need a referral.
Angry Woman: You made an appointment?
Me: Yes.
Angry Woman gets the details of the appointment and is on the verge of hanging up on me.
Me: Um, how do I get the referral?
Angry Woman: You can come in and pick it up.
Me: Oh. Thanks.

Conversation No. 3
Me: Hi. I'm here to pick up my referral.
Receptionist: You were told to pick it up?
Me: Yup.
Receptionist: I don't see it here. Are you sure Angry Woman didn't mail it?
Me: Um, she told me to pick it up.
Receptionist: ::rifling through paperwork:: Are you sure it wasn't mailed?
Me: She told me to pick it up.
Receptionist: Write down your name and what you are going in for.

25 minutes later I have my referral.


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