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Monday, April 03, 2006

Trusting my gut instinct

It's not something I do often...no matter how many times I'm proven right. For whatever reason I want to give the other person an out, find a reasonable explanation for what they are doing instead of realizing that they are JACKASSES and that it's okay for me to think of them as so.

Friday after work, I hopped on the metro to meet Law-Rah for an evening of drinking and EPH.

I had recently received an iPod from my mom, so I was enjoying the fact that I was listening to music on the subway* and reading a particularly gruesome novel (don't read before a meal unless you enjoy reading about a murderer who enjoys a repast of kidneys and liver from his victims. But otherwise a very good novel).

At one stop this guy comes on and flops down next to me. Immediately red flags were raised all over the place. I felt uncomfortable and had a HUGE desire to get the hell away from him.

Why? Because when he sat down he took up the whole seat and then some, so that his leg was touching mine.

The more I tried to scrunch my body up against the wall, the more his leg crept over onto my part of the seat.

The entire time I kept thinking that maybe he doesn't realize he is invading my space. I mean there are times when I TOTALLY space out on the subway and not realize how close I may be standing next to someone.

So I tried looking up and moving my leg away. He response was to also move his leg. Phew! I thought, he really didn't realize how close he was to me. But within moments his leg was back again. Being the passive-aggressive person I am, I immediately got up and exited the train to get on another one.

Over reacting?

Did I feel better once I left?

*(up until this point I have been using a WALKMAN. that's right. I wasn't even using a DISCMAN. sad I know. DCSC and Chanuck were so amused by my antiquated machinery that they generously purchased an iPod Shuffle for my birthday. I don't think they could take me lugging my walkman around anymore)


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