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do you have any idea how hard it is some mornings to make a glass of water without vomiting?!?

Friday, February 29, 2008

well chop't me

the last two weekends i've been tempted by the glossy new salad store that opened up in chinatown (and now also in dupont). it's got itself a cutesy name (chop't) and some AWESOME salads.

both times i've gotten the über-tasty santa fe salad (one of the many that they have on hand), but it's also possible to make your own salad.

there are only three problems with this place.

1) it takes FOREVER to get through the long line to place my salad order. this might have something to do with the fact that i've only been there on the weekend and perhaps they have more staff during the week. but seriously, it shouldn't take me 15 minutes to wait in line, order, and receive my food.

hmmm...maybe i'm spoiled.

they do have the option of calling ahead to place your order...which i would recommend (i do the same with potbelly).

2) they keep on not wanting to put avocado in my santa fe salad. i don't know why they keep forgetting this delicious element when it's listed on the menu. but i have to keep reminding them. so make sure you get everything you should.

3) the price. yikes!! it costs about $8.50 for the salad (comes with a roll). i mean it's awesome if you are on a diet, but this can't become a habit.

regardless, i'll probably be there on sunday to get another salad...


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

bar louie review

so last night a few friends and i attempted bar louie...located in chinatown right by the movie theater.

i totally didn't realize it was game night. but even though it was crowded, we were still able to find a table by the bar (essential for ensuring we get plenty of drinks before happy hour* was over).

we taste tested the following:

dirty ceo martini: so salty and delicious

red apple martini: sweet and good

ultimate margarita: nice and strong

tasted like ginger (i'm not a fan of ginger)

ferocious kitty: only get if you like watermelon-flavored drinks...which i do

tempature heat margarita: as kbean put it "it tastes like something i once vomited up"

overall, definitely a place i would like to go back for...maybe to try out their loaded tater tots....mmmm...

*all specialty/martini drinks are $6 and beer was $3


Monday, February 25, 2008

another item to add to the list of things that freak me out when i've been drinking

running into a coworker when:

a. i've been drinking a few

b. i'm in a liquor store buying a few more

c. they are in there buying a handle of gin and trying to crack jokes with me


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

losing it

i swear.

i can't even form the sentences to describe how much a certain person can sit there and suck it.


i don't think i'm going to survive this project.

and what really sucks, is how much i was looking forward to it...


Friday, February 15, 2008

things i learned last night

1. playing music loudly only makes me think people are trying too hard to attract "young" people

2. my hair looked awesome

3. kbean and i were some of the youngest people there

4. spending all my lunch money to get into a second location was one of my better financial plans

5. that nasty free shot never gets better no matter how many times i try it

6. there are A LOT of people out dancing on valentine's day

7. my tolerance has suddenly vanished

8. i need to stop calling friends and talking nonsense

9. i can lose two pounds by drinking loads of vodka

10. i can put on a pound by drinking some water


Thursday, February 14, 2008

episode from the office?

never suggest to a girl that you want to have a weekend getaway together the day before valentine's day...and then not even send her a crappy e-card on valentine's day.

thank goodness i'm going out drinking tonight...


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

let's try NOT to confuse the little people

example: bosslady telling you to do something one way...then review your work and scold you for not doing it a COMPLETELY different way.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

dressing for failure


i only noticed these things when i was at the gym this morning...and of course i have a meeting today.

1. the sweater i so carefully ran a lint roller over somehow magically became covered in lint by the morning

2. i forgot to pack work shoes

3. none of my (BLACK) work shoes happened to be at work

i'm now wearing (tan) brown shoes with an all-black linty outfit.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

i've been brainwashed by work

i spent my entire morning metro ride in looking at some guy working on a design for a card.

these were my thoughts as i looked his design over.

hmmm...doesn't he think it's hard to read blue on a black background?
does he have to use that font?!?
interesting effect, but it really doesn't help with the readbility?

i need a life outside of work.


Friday, February 01, 2008

stupid metro

what the hell?!?!

no one could get their smartbenefits or use their credit or debit cards at my station this morning.


thank goodness i had change on me so i could at least get to work.
others weren't so lucky.

and apparently it wasn't just my station...when i got to my stop for work, those fucking machines were having the same problem.

so thanks metro for raising the rates and still having the same crappy service.